Catrobat & Pocket Code at Google Code-In 2017!

Participate! (13-17 years olds)

If you want to create awesome games and other apps with Pocket Code to win fantastic prizes, find out all the details about participating on The grand prize is an invitation to the Google headquarters in California together with a parent next summer, with tons of goodies and giveaways from Google and Catrobat, also for other finalists and participants. We are encouraging teenagers from all areas of the world, speaking any languages, both girls as well as boys, to take their first steps in coding and open source projects with us. Don't hesitate, coding can be as simple (and complex!) as cooking.

Support us!

Parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, and anyone else:
Help us spread the news! Tell your teenage kids, grandkids, pupils, or other teenagers about the event (and the prizes!). Participation can start any time until January 15, 2018. Link:

Become a Mentor (13 - 99+ years old)

If you can help Pocket Code users to participate in the Google Code-in contest from November 28, 2017 to January 17, 2018, please apply to become an official mentor for our organization via All GCI coding tasks for participants will consist in projects they create using Pocket Code. As a mentor you will coach students and review their completed tasks. You can also suggest new tasks, and after the contest ends, we will select the five finalists and two grand prize winners of Catrobat together with you! You will receive a certificate and a T-shirt from Google, and there will be a tombola of Pocket Code or Catrobat T-shirts and hoodies as well as other goodies among our active mentors. While mentors usually are adults, the minimum age is 13.

General information on Catrobat, Pocket Code, and Google Code-in

Install Pocket Code and its companion app Pocket Paint from Google Play – they are easy to use and very self-explanatory. If you need more help, work through – there you can also find MOOCs in several languages – or go to our Forum. You can also check out the many tutorials on our YouTube Channel – the playlists are separated by languages, e.g., English, German, or Russian. All finished projects can be uploaded to our sharing site.
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More information on Google Code-in

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